It has been decided (and also Christmas)

It’s official. Just as everyone I know moves to Japan, I will be moving back to the States.

Okay, not everyone I know. Just a beloved family from my lifegroup and a cousin. But still, they were the top of the pros list for staying. The people I’ll be leaving here are the biggest thing I’m sad about—my church, the other ALTs, my students . . . it’s lucky I have people waiting for me in the States too or this would be a lot harder.

If I’m being totally honest, I haven’t been longing to go back to America; I’m just a little tired of dealing with Japan every day. I already feel restless just thinking about living in the US, though I don’t know why. I guess it’s hard for me to strike a balance between stressed and bored. Security versus adventure has been my struggle even in deciding where to apply for a job when I get back.

But anyway, all y’all who’ve been in suspense the past two years just waiting to be able to see me again—you’re in luck. I’ll be back at the end of July.


On to Christmas. Guess what I did since my default Japan friend is no longer here. I went to Taiwan instead! And got to wear short sleeves and see the sun for the first time in months. It was great.

People here always ask me what I saw and did I go here and did I try this food and whatnot, but in the case of Taiwan I went solely to spend time with a friend. I did no research ahead of time. I had nothing on my list to do. She did her best to get me some tourist experiences, but I would have been cool with just walking around the neighborhood together.

So people ask me what I did, and I try to tell them the most impressive tourist thing we saw and smile politely when they sadly tell me all the things I missed. Yeah, next time! Haha. I keep my favorite part of the trip to myself—the part where we sat on the couch together and watched Korean dramas all day.

It was a good Christmas. (Thanks, you!) And it will be a good rest of the year. And then I will come back to all you Americans and rejoin the ranks of people who can choose the exact words they want and be understood without difficulty. Banzai!


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